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    You read the title correctly! Nebula Realms is coming to the PlayStation Store for everyone on October 25th.
    Xaloc Studios previously planned to launch Nebula Realms in closed beta first for a few select participants but decided to test the game internally in order to release the game sooner to the public.
    A list of features available in the beta has been released by Xaloc Studios which you can read in full below:
    • No PlayStation Plus required. (If you are a PlayStation Plus subscriber you can have some free and exclusive content in the shop!)
    • Avatar advanced customization
    • Shops (At the moment only for clothing)
    • Wardrobe features
    • Dances
    • Gestures
    • Friend list / Block list /Ignore list/Favorite list
    • A mini-game
    • Environment interaction
    • Instance public chat
    • Instance Personal user to user chat
    • Server shared between EU and US players (Once is released in EU)
    • Some hidden surprises
    For the EU folks, Xaloc Studios have said they wanted to release the game in both regions at the same time but due to a bug in the game's code they had to re-submit the game to Sony for QA and it's widely known that EU QA testing takes a lot longer than the NA QA testing.
    A new patch for Atom Universe Early Access is just going live on Steam and PlayStation 4. There's no official patch notes yet but here's the changes we have noticed so far.
    - Font update: the font has changed for the chatbox and the chat bubbles giving it an overall cleaner look.
    - Chatbox is now larger when opened.
    - The ferris wheel is now open in The Hub
    - New poses.
       - "Sit"
       - "Kneel Down"
       - "Bolt Point"
    - You can now buy clothes using Atomz
    I will update the post when the official change log is released.
    The long awaited casino update for Tower Unite has finally arrived!
    Let's jump right in to the massive list of changes:
    The following games are now available to Tower Unite:
    Casino Texas Hold'em 3 different slot machines Triple Diamonds: A basic 3 reel slot machine Grand Quest: A 3 reel slot machine with some RPG elements Wheel of Money: A 3 reel slot machine with a bonus money wheel Video Poker Video Blackjack Spin to Win Double or Nothing Trivia Typing Derby 2 3

    Major New Features
    The Casino Added Trivia to the Plaza Added Typing Derby to the Plaza Key Binding Added AFK support for Game Worlds AFK players will not earn units AFK players will be automatically skipped when everyone else has finished the hole/level in Minigolf/Ball Race AFK players are denoted by an emote over their heads and on the scoreboard AFK players will be kicked from slot machines and will auto-fold in poker Mediaplayer Voteskip and Voting This applies only to Theater and will soon be added to Condos in a later update Added a new Minigolf course, Emission 3
    General Changes
    Added a bunch of new items (32!):
    Wood Wardrobe, Wood Bookshelf, Wood Coffee Table, Wood Dresser, Wood Round Table, PBB Trash Can, PBB Stool, PBB Coffee Table, PBB Dresser, PBB End Table, PBB End Table Capped, PBB Desk, PBB Dresser Capped, PBB Desk Capped, PBB Coffee Table Capped, PBB Wardrobe, PBB Wardrobe Capped, PBB Bookshelf, PBB Bookshelf Capped, Wall Torch, Hula Doll, Cactus, Garden Flamingo, Bubble Gun, Waffle, Potato, Piggy Bank, Ancient Jar, Grandfather Clock, Bubble Machine, Laser Projector, Wooden Hot Tub Added adjustable grid snapping for item movement Jetpack is now predicted. Jetpack will no longer be really glitchy when being used Fog machine now actually blows out fog instead of fog magically appearing around it (this is still an option though) Added location text to the left of player chat in Plaza so you can tell where people are Reduced the "waiting for players" timer to 5 seconds (from 10 seconds) when everyone is ready to play Player user bar now shows tags first instead of ping to align pings Added key support for rotating inventory items Added support for rebinding leaving drivables (instruments, slot machines, games, etc.) Added support for rebinding the backer item "Golden Watch" Added support for rebinding Trivia and Slots shortcuts You can now display FPS through a graphics settings option Patched up a few holes in the Plaza map You can now sit on more of the seats in the Plaza (casino, casino lobby, bowling, beach chairs, etc.) Added chat sounds (from GMT) with option to disable them in the sound settings Added "clear search" button to the search bar in stores Added basic Parental Controls (more will be added in later updates) Disable chat Profanity filter Added setting to disable Lobby crosshair Added setting to disable Lobby HUD Optimizations
    Implemented level streaming for Plaza (phase 2, Game World Ports, etc.) Minigolf Changes
    If everyone has clicked "finished" on the customize window, it'll automatically end customize timer so people don't have to wait Minigolf scoreboard now aligns all names by accounting the width of the flag icon (finished or not) Fixed the sombrero hat not showing up on your golf ball Fixed the splash effect from occurring in some of the holes on Waterhole Fixed pocket effect lagging (really bad for lower end computers) Ball Race Changes
    Added "READY"..."GO!" to Ball Race before the round starts so players can have a chance to be ready Fixed the camera (for all non-hosts) not facing the right way when first spawning Fixed the issue where you would sometimes be randomly thrown into the air on the speed boost of the last level of GLXY Planet Panic Changes
    At the end of each round all players have their team scrambled Team select automatically ends in 3 seconds if everyone has selected a team You can play Planet Panic with 2 players now (instead of only 4) Virus Changes
    Adrenaline C key prompt is now on the HUD Fixed being able to unfreeze yourself by pressing the pause menu on and off Bug Fixes
    Fixed various walls, ceilings etc. from not being editable in the Condo Fixed various items from being rather large on the store pedestal Fixed ping colors being inaccurate Fixed in-game notifications not showing up properly while in the pause menu Fixed not being able to pause while using Piano, Drumset, Slot Machines, etc Fixed Transit Station location not showing up Fixed Basement location being incorrect when standing on objects inside the basement Fixed various other locations in the Condo not showing up Fixed wind sound on speed shoes Fixed the floating wall speakers in the Theatre screens Fixed the Theatre screens prompting the user to turn it on Fixed ping not displaying for dedicated Lobby servers Fixed a bunch of other bugs we found while testing  
    A new update is available for Atom Universe which brings some cool new features.
    The update which includes the ability to host your own private servers also brings new clothing and accessories, new idle & sitting animations and more! You can read the full list of changes in the patch notes below
    Patch Notes:
    New server selection screen Mirage house and Woodland house are available as public spaces; Hub and Arcade plaza are available as private spaces. Additional idle animations (standing and sitting) More clothes and accessories Guides can equip an information point hologram Users can create their own public instances of any space Users can create private instances of all spaces User can now purchase their own instances with atomz Public instances of spaces are available to all users Private instances of spaces are only available to users you have friended  
    A new update is available for Atom Universe early access on PC & PS4, it brings news clothes and accessories, changes to bowling and more!
    Full patch notes
    Customization of avatar clothes Additional functionality to customize clothing colour Additional functionality to customize accessory colour  New clothing and accessories added for even more customization 2 new bowling modes: Challenge Bowling and Challenge Bowling Pro Added tutorial prompts to initial bowling play-through Improved ball physics New standalone UI for subscription to make navigation simpler  Added details of subscription perks Back-end service improvements Improvements and bug fixes to server scalability Players can now see all private spaces created by their in-game friends General minor formatting improvements Networking related bug fixes  Fixed an issue that prevented all networked players from being able to see other players premium content if the local player did not have this content unlocked Fixed the new chat notifications that previously did not work Collision improvements Users will no longer get stuck after sitting down  

    Have fun checking out the update!
    Xaloc Studios have sent out the beta survey to everyone who is subscribed to the Nebula Realms mailing list, If you're subscribed and do not see the email be sure to check your spam folders.
    Everyone who fills in the survey will have a chance at being selected to participate in the upcoming closed beta.
    Good luck to everyone and we will hopefully see you on Nebula Realms!
    A new update is available for Atom Universe on PS4 and PC, Atom Republic have posted a full list of changes which you can see below.
    E-mail registration screen has now been added to front-end menu (we promise not to spam you) EULA has now been added to the front-end menu Animated loading screens between level transitions  More avatar accessories will soon be available Cinematic screen in the front-end menu Fixed importing PSN friends The Bowling mini-game has been improved Performance improvement for the Arcade Plaza Pop-up window above the chat for in-game notifications (you don't want to miss those friend requests) Mirage House Private Space is now available for all players New Welcome screens added to Public and Private spaces New Friendly NPC guides have been added to provide you with details about the space you're in Various bug fixes with network and server connections Added messaging and confirmation dialogues added in various places in-game Performance improvements for the Hub  UI confirmation dialogues to show all in-game error messages  

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