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    A new update is available for Atom Universe early access on PC & PS4, it brings news clothes and accessories, changes to bowling and more!
    Full patch notes
    Customization of avatar clothes Additional functionality to customize clothing colour Additional functionality to customize accessory colour  New clothing and accessories added for even more customization 2 new bowling modes: Challenge Bowling and Challenge Bowling Pro Added tutorial prompts to initial bowling play-through Improved ball physics New standalone UI for subscription to make navigation simpler  Added details of subscription perks Back-end service improvements Improvements and bug fixes to server scalability Players can now see all private spaces created by their in-game friends General minor formatting improvements Networking related bug fixes  Fixed an issue that prevented all networked players from being able to see other players premium content if the local player did not have this content unlocked Fixed the new chat notifications that previously did not work Collision improvements Users will no longer get stuck after sitting down  

    Have fun checking out the update!
    Xaloc Studios have sent out the beta survey to everyone who is subscribed to the Nebula Realms mailing list, If you're subscribed and do not see the email be sure to check your spam folders.
    Everyone who fills in the survey will have a chance at being selected to participate in the upcoming closed beta.
    Good luck to everyone and we will hopefully see you on Nebula Realms!
    A new update is available for Atom Universe on PS4 and PC, Atom Republic have posted a full list of changes which you can see below.
    E-mail registration screen has now been added to front-end menu (we promise not to spam you) EULA has now been added to the front-end menu Animated loading screens between level transitions  More avatar accessories will soon be available Cinematic screen in the front-end menu Fixed importing PSN friends The Bowling mini-game has been improved Performance improvement for the Arcade Plaza Pop-up window above the chat for in-game notifications (you don't want to miss those friend requests) Mirage House Private Space is now available for all players New Welcome screens added to Public and Private spaces New Friendly NPC guides have been added to provide you with details about the space you're in Various bug fixes with network and server connections Added messaging and confirmation dialogues added in various places in-game Performance improvements for the Hub  UI confirmation dialogues to show all in-game error messages  

    Atom Republic Dev Blog #21 is here:
    "Greetings and welcome to this week's DevBlog.

    This week we'll be taking a closer look at the Woodland house. Created by Atom Republic Artist, Paul Rance. The Woodland House is a spectacular private space which is located deep inside the forest, overlooking a peaceful lake.

    By now, you've all seen the private spaces video on our YouTube Channel. Now it's time to start bringing them into Atom Universe (starting with the Woodland House), but before we can that do we've got make sure a few things work first.
      Firstly and probably the most important thing, setting up the collision barrier. By doing this the avatar is free to walk around and isn't going to fall through the floor or wander through the walls. It can be quite a time consuming task as you've not only got the wall and floors to consideration. You've also got to take various pieces of furniture and design features to consider as well.      Next we've got to the avatar interacting with the environment, as personal space your avatar is going to be living here. They have to be able to sit down and relax, or maybe even sleep in a bed. Afterwards, we've got to into bug fixing mode and need to ensure that there are no game breaking bugs that are going to affect the player experience.   Weekly Developer Activity:
    Woodland House integration into Atom Universe. New Interactions: recline in a deck-chair or lay down in a bed. Designing new accessories. Design;
    Started work on a new travel hub, allowing you to fast travel between areas. Squashing various bugs. Programming; 
    Integrating the Woodland House into Atom Universe. Bug fixing. Community; 
    Drafting up various documents and analysing data. Reading up on new trends. Discussing future events with the development team."  
    A new update has been released for the Atom Universe Beta on PS4 & Steam! It brings new avatar customization options, including the first selection of customizable hair styles, hats, glasses,masks + more!

    List of additional changes & added items:

    classic cowboy hat MASKS
    Spooky hockey goalie mask Classic plague doctor head-gear EARRINGS
    large silver ear rings HAIR STYLES
    shaggy, natural short hair classic long hair style bald scalp with no hair bob hair style SUNGLASSES
    heart-shaped sunglasses OTHER HEAD GEAR
    Spinning Angel Halo Cat's ears Unicorn horn Devil horns Mouth Guard Pirate eye-patch Spooky hockey goalie mask classic plague doctor head-gear NEW DANCE MOVES
    Brooklyn Uprock Footwork Footwork Backspin Footwork Spin Handspin Uprock Uprock step
    25 New Emojis

    Also included in the update
    - Fixed rewarding items of the collection game in the hub, you can now unlock all rewards: aviator glasses, headphones, teddy bear bowling ball and guardian hat. - Supports multiple accessories and different combinations of types: hairdos, hats, glasses, masks...
    Xaloc Studios have released an update regarding the current status of Nebula Realms, you can view the screenshots and read the full update below:
    Hi guys!
    We know you all have been patiently awaiting some new information from us. We are very sorry for the continuous delays and trust us when we say that we are the first ones that want the game released, but for us it’s important not only to fulfill the community expectations but also release a quality product, all this takes time we just need a little bit more we are almost there!
    The reason for the delay is because we are experiencing some unforeseen technical issues with the build of the game and certain technical requirements are needed in order to submit the build to Sony for QA.  We are working very hard to fix these problems so we can submit the game to as soon as we can!  
    It’s hard for us to predict the amount of time that the fixes will require but we are hoping that it won’t take much longer!  We’ll share news as soon as we have it like we always do, meanwhile, check out the attached screenshots! These are displaying the user interface, chat functionality, chat bubbles, sitting, poses and some of the common area in Leaf Park.  We understand everyone would prefer to experience the actual game, but at least you can have a peek to some of the features!
    We truly appreciate your support and your patience, Thank you.